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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

Why we do what we do

Listen to our CEO Susan Cull speak at a radio interview following ICT International winning an award at the NSW Premier’s Export Awards. (14mb)

Why we do what we do!

ICT International has been in business since 1982 providing the world’s best monitoring solutions, focusing on plant water use and soil moisture monitoring. In 2006 ICT International embarked on an innovation program to research and design new plant sensors, new soil moisture sensors and new data logging platforms. We are passionate about researching new instruments, which scientists can use worldwide, to solve the ever-increasing problem of our limited water resources and the effects of water shortage in our natural environment.

In 2013 ICT International was awarded three NSW State Awards for innovation and excellence in export achievement. These awards recognised our commitment, resilience and determination in the innovation of a unique new family of digital data logging sensors. The recognition was fantastic and signified we had achieved what we set out to do.

ICT International’s CEO, Susan Cull recounted in a radio interview.

“We know we’re on the right track because we’re exporting these new sensors – this new family of instruments – our Sap Flow sensor, our Stem Psychrometer to scientists in over 50 countries on an annual basis.

“These awards gave ICT International confirmation and acknowledgement of all the hard work, all our passion, our commitment and our focus in getting these digital data logging sensors developed. We understand the market – we’ve been in the market for thirty-five years – we understand the application knowledge, we know what scientists are trying to achieve and the value of their research. A precise, rugged instrument that can be left in the Tundra, or the trees in Brazil or the desert in Australia or Dubai, is invaluable.

“Our products are now are contributing to new scientific knowledge worldwide. This knowledge, in plant science, soil science, and environmental science is adding to the scientific data that will carry the planet forward in managing an increasing volatile climate. For the scientist’s working on research programs around the world, utilising the new unique family of digital data logging sensors, is pivotal in helping them effect better research outcomes.

“The fundamental connection to our scientific customer base is ‘Science 101’.

“ICT International is a science based company with PhD scientists on staff. When you dialogue with a scientist in Brazil, or the Middle East, or Africa – it doesn’t matter where the scientist is, you’re talking the same language – it’s Science 101. We send our scientists – our staff, our PhD salespeople – we send them to the Tundra, we send them to Brazil. They’re out there in the field with fellow scientists. No other company in the world does this, no other company has the focus, the commitment and the vision to say, this is what scientists are doing now, they’re solving these problems as to how plants are responding in the changing environment.

“This is our focus and commitment to our scientific customers and what inspires us to innovate new data logging Sap Flow sensors (SFM1), Stem Psychrometer sensors (PSY1) and other data logging sensors.”

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